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Trident & Moonshine Trails

Quick Details

Person Need to be at least 5 years old for the treks

The Trident Trail and the Moonshine trails are located at Outdoors In The Smokies.

When you book a Smoky Mountain Llama trek on the Trident Trail or the Moonshine Trail, your guide and the llamas will meet you at the pavilion. You will just follow the white signs with a llama on them to the pavilion to get checked in.

Moonshine Trail: The Moonshine trail is designed for the person looking for a longer hike than the one hour Padgett Mill trek and a little more challenge. The hike is not difficult but it does have some elevation change over the course of the hike. This trek passes by an old moonshine still operation that was used in the old days to make corn whisky here in the foothills of the smokies. The trail can cross a couple small creeks (if it’s the rainy season) and walk by a pond full of fish, turtles, salamander, frogs, and other living creatures.

Trident Trail: If you like to hike and have hikes some of the nice trails in the Smokies such as Klingmans Dome, Mt. LeConte, Chimney Tops, and the like then the Trident trail is the trail for you. You will be challenged more on the trek than any of the other treks that we have to offer. The best thing about hard work is the reward when you get to the top of the Mountain and see the Smokies and it makes your mouth drop and you have no words for the view that your seeing.


  • Moonshine Trail Level – Moderate
  • Trident Trail Level – Moderate
  • TYPE of TERRAIN: Wooded, creeks with bridges, Trident Trail has spectacular viewing area of Smoky Mtns
  • CONDITIONS: Creek, bridges, and gravel
  • LENGTH / TIME: approx 2 miles, approx 2 hours
  • ELEVATION: About 1200 ft.
  • CELL SERVICE: Possibly (depends on the carrier)


  • ROAD / DRIVE: paved roads, drive way is gravel