Stunning Scenery, Lovable Llamas, Smoky Mountain Memories

Your memories aren’t complete until you’ve experienced the unique hiking adventure that is Smoky Mountain Llama Treks.

Enjoy spectacular, scenic, Smoky Mountain trails accompanied by an experienced guide and friendly, fluffy, professionally trained, pack-llamas. From leisurely nature walks to trails for the adventurous trekker, Smoky Mountain Llama Treks has the perfect outdoor adventure for you and your family.

Discover a patch of wild blackberries, lie quietly among the soft grasses of flowered fields, wade barefoot through babbling brooks, hike to the top of a picturesque peak, and photograph the distant mountain vistas. Let our llamas carry your gear and nibble mountain wildflowers while you relax, enjoy your hike, and make a Smoky Mountain memory.

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